Every Person Matters

IMG_0354This article at Ligonier Ministries is a good
reminder that church ministry is about many people doing a lot of “little” things instead of a few people doing “big” things. Most of the jobs in a church plant go unnoticed, but those are sometimes the most important. “It’s the little things that members of a church or church plant do that help the ministry thrive—and without which the growth of the local church would be greatly hindered.”

At River City Church, we believe that every person is important. Every person has a role to play in building God’s Kingdom and every job is integral to the life of the church. As a new start-up, we are looking for faithful pioneers.  As the author of this article says: “The New Testament gives us several examples of individuals who were faithful in small things, and yet whose faithfulness in small things aided the advancement of the gospel and brought great glory to Christ.”

Will you join us in advancing the gospel so that Christ will be glorified? 


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