40 Biographies in One Book

As stated in previous posts, I would consider myself a reader. My favorite books a40-most-infulential-christians-book-coverre those that help me grow in my relationship with God or as a pastor. From time to time I also enjoy a good fiction book or a comedy book. Another genre that I find interesting is biographies about people. In the last couple of years, I have read biographies about Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. So I was very interested in reading a book that traced the history of Christianity over the last 2000 years in the book The 40 Most Influential Christians Who Shape What We Believe Today.

There were really two separate parts to the book. The first 24 people were those who lived before the Reformation and the last 16 were after. Each short section began with a 2-3 page biography, then the contribution that they made, and finally a conclusion about how they influenced Christianity during their life and after. These 40 people weren’t necessarily the best 40 people to learn from, but they were some of the most influential people for good or bad. I enjoyed the book because it helped give me a big picture view of Christian history which is always helpful to keep in mind. I will also probably return to this book as a refresher when I remember the Christians who had an influence on others over the last 2000 years.


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