On New Years Eve I published a list of the books that I read in 2013. It got me thinking about 2014 and what books might be beneficial. I try to read a variety of books for a number of different reasons, although I’m not as organized as Al Mohler. Usually I look for a good book in each of the following areas: leadership, fiction,  biography, church leadership, church planting, family, and spiritual growth. I have already started Al Mohler’s recent book on leadership, The Conviction to Lead: The 25 principles for leadership that matters and it’s turning out to be a great book. I am also thinking about re-reading Michael Reeves book Delighting in the Trinity: An introduction to the Christian faith. I liked it so much that I might buy his other book, The Unquenchable Flame: Introducing the reformation. I usually look for good book recommendations by the authors on The Gospel Coalition or Tim Challies. Or I see if a favorite author has a new book on sale then I will try to get it. Other than that it’s hard to decide what books to read (or not read). What about you?

How do you decide what books to read? What books are on your reading list for 2014? 


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