Church Attendance

Church Attendance Map   Sometimes when I tell people that we are planting a church in Pittsburgh they respond by saying, “Oh! There are a lot of churches in Pittsburgh!” I never really know how to react. Most of the time they say it in a friendly tone so  I don’t think they are trying to dissuade us from starting the church. They are just making a comment. Maybe there are a lot of churches in Pittsburgh. I guess that would depend on what your definition of “a lot” is. I wouldn’t say that there are a lot with respect to the number of people in the city. Or even that those churches are full of people. Notice this map from Clarity Campaign Labs which shows church attendance as a green dot. I have circled our part of Pennsylvania so that you could clearly see the white area that is Pittsburgh. This picture shows how Pittsburgh has a low amount of church attendance especially when compared with central Pennsylvania, Ohio, or even the great state of Indiana. Maybe there are a lot of churches in Pittsburgh, but there are not a lot of people going to church.

Join us in starting a new, gospel-centered church in Swissvale that will help reach people not going to church, bring people back to church who have stopped, and to reach people with the gospel who are not involved in a gospel-centered church. Our first informational meeting will be on Monday, March 31 at the Wilkins School Community Center. Will you join us? 


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