Five Points

johnpiperThis is one of the best book that I have ever read by John Piper. It was short (less than 100 pages), free (as a PDF), well laid out, and very succinct.

He begins with a broad overview of God and his relationship with God in the preface and moves into the historical roots. Even though many people might be tempted to skip the historical section I would encourage readers not to. It helps to better understand Reformed Theology to know where the TULIP explanation came from. He also gives a brief overview of the five points in this section. I have read R.C. Sproul’s reworking of the five points and I like his explanations as well. However, I have never seen anyone rearrange the letters as Piper does, but it makes a lot of sense. He basically turns TULIP into TILUP in order to show the order in which we experience them when we become Christians:

1. We experience first our depravity and need of salvation.
2. Then we experience the irresistible grace of God leading us toward faith.
3. Then we trust the sufficiency of the atoning death of Christ for our sins.
4. Then we discover that behind the work of God to atone for our sins and bring us to faith was the unconditional election of God.
5. And finally we rest in his electing grace to give us the strength and will to persevere to the end in faith.

Finally, John Piper ends with his testimony and the testimony of other believers throughout history. Like the historical section, I would encourage readers not to skip this helpful section.

John Piper wrote this book in order to help people move into a “deeper experience of God’s grace.” I believe he has succeeded abundantly. God bless John Piper for writing such a God-glorifiying book and for making it available for free as a PDF. Please download and read. 


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