Every year there are many articles written about Halloween. I have read great articles on why people have chosen not to participate in Halloween and others that have encouraged people to use it to share Christ with others. Here are two things that I noticed this year while participating in this American tradition:

  1. Trick-or-treating is a great way to meet people. It’s hard to reach your neighbors for Christ when it seems like half of them don’t leave their house. Leading kids around to various houses gives parents the opportunities to talk without awkwardness. It might be just a few seconds of small talk, but it gives just enough time to say hello and introduce yourself.
  2. It was easy to spot the houses that were participating in Trick-or-Treating. Kids do not go to the door of  houses that are dark. Because we wanted people to come to our house we had three porch lights on, the downstairs hallway lights, and the door open. As Christians, we participate in Halloween because we want to show light that shines into the darkness. Our desire was to have an open and inviting house at Halloween because we want to have an open and inviting life in order to share the gospel with others.

How was your halloween? Was it a waste of time or did God use it to advance the gospel in someway?


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