I’m Not Serious About Worship

I recently read a worship leader magazine and came upon an advertisement for a guitar pedal.  The tagline in the advertisement is “Those Who Take Worship Seriously Are Serious About The Gear They Use.  We Believe God Deserves Only Our Best”.  I don’t have a problem with the last statement, God does deserve our best.  In small churches, sometimes our best are musicians who are not world class. In some churches, the budget for the worship is almost non-existent.  Using an advertisement to say that if I don’t have the top of the line gear then I’m not as serious as another worshiper can be discouraging to worship leaders with a small budget.  Worship isn’t about gear or even music.  It’s about the heart, like the widow in Luke 21:1-4, she gave all she had while others gave more money but out of excess.  Jesus said “Truly, I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them.”  I understand the need to market a product but it would be ideal to find ways to encourage and build up leaders, not question their level of sincerity.


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