I’m Thankful for Princesses, Mermaids, Pirates & Ballerinas

“I’m Thankful for Princesses, Mermaids, Pirates and Ballerinas”

This was the answer my 3 year old daughter gave when the teacher asked what she was thankful for. Her teachers tried to persuade her into changing her answer but she was dead set. The answers were then written on paper, made into a tree and displayed on the wall. As my wife and I looked down the row of other children’s answers we saw, “Mommy,” “Daddy,” and other family members.  The emotional pain has subsided and we laugh about how funny and genuine her answers were.

Thanksgiving is upon us, the time we are take the time to be thankful for the gifts in our lives. Psalm 136 reminds us to thank God for His steadfast love that endure forever. In verse 23 it says “It is He who remembered us in our low estate, for his love endures forever.” This verse should ring true for us as we are giving thanks to God who loves while we were still sinners. Psalm 136 might be a good way to start your Thanksgiving Holiday, giving thanks to the God whose love truly does endure forever.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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