Lessons from a Church Hopper, pt. 2

10773We are in the process of launching River City Evangelical Church in Swissvale (Pittsburgh, PA). In the meantime, we will be visiting churches every Sunday. You can read the introduction to my series on “Lessons from a Strategic Church Hopper” here. Last Monday I wrote about the church’s need for a working website that has easy-to-find crucial information such as worship location and service times. Once we figure out where we are going and what time to be there, we need to find the church. This brings us to the second lesson we have learned from this process which is the need for good church signs.

Not all churches own buildings. We have visited churches with older traditional buildings, newer non-traditional buildings, and churches that have rented facilities. Regardless of where a church meets it’s important that people can find the church. If a person is looking for a sign in order to know where to turn it needs to be big enough to see from a distance or far enough from the intersection so a person has time to slow down and turn. We have driven by church buildings because we didn’t recognize that we were supposed to turn into the parking lot until it was too late. It’s also nice to know what door is the main entrance. It’s a strange feeling to be walking around a church building looking for an unlocked door on Sunday morning.

It’s very likely that our church plant in Swissvale will not meet in a traditional church building when we launch. We will probably be renting a facility of some kind. We have learned that it’s important to have large, visible signs that people can see from every direction.


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