Lessons from a church visit, pt. 4

We are in the process of launching River City Evangelical Church in Swissvale (Pittsburgh, PA). Until we are able to have regular Sunday morning services we will be visiting churches every week. We are using this time to learn what it feels like to be a visitor through a process we call “Strategic Church Hopping.” In the first posts, I discussed the importance of making your church easy to find on the internet and in person. Last week was about first impressions. Today I want to discuss something that should be a part of every church service: nursery.

I’ll be honest, before I had kids I didn’t realize how important a good nursery program is to a church service. When I was going through church planting training I was told that we would not be ready to launch until we had two things figured out: worship and nursery. This statement has become very true to me during the last couple months of “church hopping.” We have been surprised at how many churches do not have nursery. If a church does not plan on having visitors with kids then the church is counting out a huge part of the community. Since we have a small child, it’s pointless for us to visit a church that doesn’t have childcare. Our child will end up disrupting the service and one of us will spend the service in another room watching our son.

The goals of our nursery/kids program at River City will be to assist parents in the process of disicple-making by instilling a sense of wonder and awe about the greatness of God. Our children’s program will be clean, safe, and fun. I know it’s hard to serve in nursery. But a team of people working together will make things smoother, better, and more fun for everyone. We are not looking for superstars, but ordinary people who will join us as share the good news about Jesus with everyone, especially children. Will you join us? 


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