Puzzle Pieces

Putting a puzzle together requires a few things: imagesTime, a picture of what the finished puzzle looks like, and all of the pieces for the puzzle. In the same way, starting a new church requires these three things as well.

As we work toward the launch of River City Church, we understand that God’s timing is perfect and that He is sovereign. Because he has called us to start a new church in Pittsburgh, we believe He is at work through the prayers of His people and through the efforts that we are making along the way. And just like completing a puzzle might mean moving a few pieces into place every day, getting all of the pieces together for a new church launch also involves gradual consistent progress forward.

And finally, a completed puzzle has to have all of the pieces that fit together. The Bible describes the church as one body with many parts working together (1 Corinthians 12:12-31). It’s easy to forget how often people serving in churches are overlooked. Every part is important in the Body of Christ, and we are praying that God would send more people to bring the vision of a new gospel-centered church to reality.

God is at work bringing together the different pieces for the launch team of River City Church. We are excited about what God is doing and we invite you to join us. There are empty spaces waiting to be filled. Could it be that God is calling you to be a part of River City Church?


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