Reconciliation Starts With Desegregated Churches in Desegregated Areas

A lot of Christians see the need for racial reconciliation, but realize that being a part of actually making it happen is very difficult. This blog post is not long enough to get into all of the reasons why we ended up with segregated churches. However, one of the major reasons is that we still live in a segregated society. For example check out the cities in the Racial Dot Map here (notice the densities while you are there). Detroit, Birmingham, and LA show distinct separates of black and white people. We believe it’s important for people to be involved in a church in their neighborhood, but in most places that will only lead to churches filled with people of the same skin color. For people in those areas of the country, there is no easy solution.

One of the reasons that we are excited about River City Church in Swissvale is because of the hope that we have for a diverse body of believers worshipping God together. Look at the map below that was pulled off of the Dot Map. Our target area of Swissvale and the surrounding neighborhoods (Rankin, Swisshelm Park, Edgewood, Braddock, and Regent Square) is not solidly blue dots, green dots, or red dots. It’s extremely mixed of people of all backgrounds. We understand that working toward a diverse church will take intentionality and will be difficult. But for those who have been changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is no better place to have a diverse church than in a diverse area.


The Racial Dot Map- One Dot Per Person for the Entire U.S.


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