River City Preschool Co-op Press Release

Fall Enrollment

Parents want the best education for their children. Many families desire preschool before entering kindergarten, but too often the high cost and high commitment requirements keeps families away from jumping in full time. As an alternative solution, some children have found an exciting first-step into the world of education at River City Preschool Co-operative.

River City Preschool Co-op was started in 2014 by local parents who wanted a high quality, affordable weekly preschool option for 3-5 year-old children. The weekly class sessions, and field trips, are led by parents working together to create an excellent learning environment through play-based programming.

One local mom who participated said, “River City Preschool Co-op was a wonderful experience for my son. He loved it. Each class was always packed with fun and meaningful lessons.”

River City Preschool Co-op is gearing up for the fall semester and inviting all families who are interested to visit RiverCityPGH.com/RCPC or email RiverCityPGH@gmail.com.


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