Strategic Church Hopping, Part 6: Creature of the Word

We’ve been in a series about the lessons that we have learned by strategic church hopping. We plan to have a grand opening and launch public Sunday morning worship services  in Swissvale (Pittsburgh), PA in 2014, but until then we will visit various churches.

Last week I wrote about how we will take a stand on the Bible being the literal Word of God. Matt Chandler, Josh Patterson, and Eric Geiger wrote a helpful book called about how the gospel of Jesus makes the church. The book is appropriately titled Creature of The Word because the church must be all about the Bible: “Without the Word of God, we don’t have a covenant of faith (10).” The Word of God creates and sustains the Church.

As we have visited churches I have been saddened by seeing churches and people in the church do not value the Bible. It’s shameful to be a church service for 40 minutes without a Bible verse being read or referenced. There are some churches in which the service walks through the gospel story of God, man’s sin, forgiveness through Jesus, God’s Word, and celebration. But what speaks volumes is when I can clearly see that I’m the only person with a Bible. Even during the Scripture reading time of the service most people do not look to see if the pastor is reading from Scripture. We need people who love the Word of God and churches will make the Bible central to who we are as a people.

I’ve made a resolution to begin carrying my Bible with me throughout the week and not just on Sunday. I’ve chosen to do this for a few reasons. 1) If I have some free time I can open it up and begin to read from the “good book” rather than the good app. 2) It helps start conversations with people because they see the Bible in my hands. 3) It is a reminder for me to value God’s Word.

How do you know your church values God’s Word? How do you personally value the Bible? 


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