Strategic Church Hopping

River City Church is planning to launch public services in Swissvale in September of 2014. Until then we are in a unique position that we have never been in before: we have no church “home.” We have decided to use this time to visit many different churches in the Pittsburgh area through a process that I’m calling strategic church hopping. We have chosen to do this for  few reasons. First of all,  we don’t want to get too settled in a local church body knowing that we will be leaving to start a new church soon. Secondly, we want to see what is happening in the local churches in our area. Instead of making generalizations about churches or denominations I want to know first hand what is being communicated in the local churches. And thirdly, we want to get ideas about what we like and don’t like when we go to a church for the first time. Stay tuned every Monday for an update on our strategic church hopping. In the meantime, leave a comment about a good first time church visit and what made you want to return.


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