Welcome to Swissvale

IMG_9401Is your new church going to be in Pittsburgh or Swissvale? The answer to that question can be “Yes.” Technically, we are located in the borough of Swissvale. However, we have a Pittsburgh address and our zip code covers part of Pittsburgh and includes other boroughs. The city of Pittsburgh was originally called “Pittsborough.” A “borough” or a “burg” originally meant “fort” but now is a designation for a self-governing township (in 7 US states). Allegheny County is made up of 130 individual boroughs and not every one of them is within the city limits of Pittsburgh. Since our borough is on the very edge of the city, Swissvale has the best of both worlds. We are close enough to experience the good and the bad of the city life. However, since Pittsburgh cannot annex more land Swissvale will remain separated with its own mayor, fire department, and police department. River City Church is perfectly situated to be a light of the gospel to all kinds of people in our city.


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