Why Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a great city. According to Forbes.com it is the most livable city in the US – even ahead of Honolulu, Hawaii! We have friendly neighbors, good sports teams to root for, great views of downtown, and affordable housing. It’s a large metro area with art, culture, and shopping for everyone.

Pittsburgh is a “religious” city filled with good, hard-working people. However, less than 5% would identify themselves as evangelical Christians. There is much religion, but very few people know the gospel or have a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Because we have been radically changed by the good news about Jesus Christ we desperately want others to hear this good news as well. As we faithfully follow Jesus Christ our desire is to be disciples who make disciples for the glory of God. Will you join the River City Church team as we love God together in worship, share our lives together as a community of believers, and serve our city with love?

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